Features: Eugène Boudin, Monet’s Mentor

By Mike Strickland Perhaps nothing makes a teacher prouder than to have their students succeed. Almost everyone knows the name Claude Monet, but not as many know of Eugène Boudin, Monet’s mentor and friend. Claude … Read More

Features: A Virtual Panel Discussion—in Four Parts

As you know, the March 31, 2020, PSA meeting and panel discussion was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. To initiate a virtual discussion, we asked some of our professional artists to share any tips, advice, … Read More

Features: Unexpected Stewards. Two men leave a legacy to preserve, protect, and share great works of art.

By Sandra Colquitt We are all familiar with, and enjoy, the great museums of America—The National Gallery, The Metropolitan, The Art Institute of Chicago, to name a few. But there are perhaps lesser known … Read More

Programs: Tools and Methods I Love: Award Winning Artists Share Practical Helps

By Margaret Ann Garrett Recently, four of the Portrait Society of Atlanta’s own exhibition winners shared bits of their working processes. At the May meeting, Holly Henson, Kathy Morris, Eric Nyros, and Ernest Varner … Read More

Features: American Regionalism—A Shift in Perspective

By Amanda Mattison Imagine life in the Midwest during the Dust Bowl:  On those days when the wind stops blowing across the face of the southern plains, the land falls into a silence that … Read More

Portrait Demonstrations: I’d Rather Take The Leap Than Stand Still.

By An Aspen Chantal Lynn Barber feels like she is living a second life when she looks at how her painting style has changed from its tight beginnings. “I paint people because I truly love people,” … Read More

Features: Revolution Mill Where History and Portraiture Combine

By Mary Ellen Brantley When Portraiture and History marry, they beget a revolution, or just maybe a Renaissance. In the case of Revolution Mill and portrait artist Suellen McCrary, the offspring includes a rich blend … Read More

Features: Paul Newton Creating an Enduring Legacy

By Luana Luconi Winner Internationally recognized portrait artist Paul Newton of Sydney, Australia is a highly sought-after portrait painter. He is charming, insanely talented, and one of the most genuinely nice fellows one will … Read More