Copyrights and Contracts

Essential Knowledge for Artists By Ashley Hawkins Stewart February 16, 2022 Most artists don’t think much about legal matters. I know I just create and share and expect the best from others. If you … Read More

Features: I Am Zorn!

By Michael L. Strickland Anders Leonard Zorn (1860-1920) is known as Sweden’s foremost portrait painter but decidedly he was not known for his humility. Once a fellow traveler asked Zorn, “Are you Swedish?” to … Read More

Features: Hands in Portraiture

By Jennifer Giovannucci The mystery of The Mona Lisa is as much in her hands as in her smile. The iconic head and shoulders will always be in style, but a whole world opens … Read More

Features: The Artist’s Journey: Evolution of a Painting

How I created a fantasy portrait of Dionysus’ Panther. By Mark Alan Burnett Out of the blue one day, an executive’s assistant called and, with no further explanation, inquired if I could paint a … Read More

Features: Artemisia Gentileschi—The Feminist Legend of 17th Century Italy

By Luana Luconi Winner Artemisia Gentileschi was born on July 8, 1593, into the male-dominated world of 16th century Rome, where the Italian culture was built on the premise that a woman was either a … Read More

Features: Commemorating the Recent Passing of Four Legendary PSA Friends

By Suzanne Lavone Smith and Nancy Honea In addition to being inspiring teachers and benevolent jurors, these highly respected professional artists who recently passed away were valued friends of the Portrait Society of Atlanta over … Read More

Features: The Art of Perseverance

By Suzanne Lavone Smith (PSA Advisory Board Member) These are trying times. Artists often seek isolation so some of us are doing just fine with little social contact, happily creating in our own worlds where … Read More

Features: Eugène Boudin, Monet’s Mentor

By Mike Strickland Perhaps nothing makes a teacher prouder than to have their students succeed. Almost everyone knows the name Claude Monet, but not as many know of Eugène Boudin, Monet’s mentor and friend. Claude … Read More

Features: A Virtual Panel Discussion—in Four Parts

As you know, the March 31, 2020, PSA meeting and panel discussion was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. To initiate a virtual discussion, we asked some of our professional artists to share any tips, advice, … Read More

Features: Unexpected Stewards. Two men leave a legacy to preserve, protect, and share great works of art.

By Sandra Colquitt We are all familiar with, and enjoy, the great museums of America—The National Gallery, The Metropolitan, The Art Institute of Chicago, to name a few. But there are perhaps lesser known … Read More

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