Founded in 1979

The Portrait Society of Atlanta is a non-profit (501c3) organization of portrait artists whose main purpose is to educate the public to a greater awareness of the portrait as a valid and valuable art form. At the same time we enrich our members by offering a variety of education opportunities. The Portrait Society does not act as an agent for its members.

Education is the primary focus of the Portrait Society of Atlanta. It’s the cultural benefit that we bring to the community at large. We have five program-oriented meetings per year that include demonstrations by renowned portrait artists, lectures and presentations on a variety of topics pertinent to portraiture. We sponsor two juried exhibitions each year as well as occasional special exhibitions and public portrait demonstrations. Our quarterly newsletter contains articles, interviews, and information on all manner of subjects of interest to portrait artists.

Additionally, we offer workshop opportunities, critique sessions and tours. Not the least of our offerings, are the opportunities to mingle with and learn from each other—especially valuable for persons engaged in the, oftentimes solitary, business of being an artist.

Not just Atlanta

Most of our members are located in Georgia, but we also have members from at least 6 other states and even a couple international members. Many members are professional artists and teachers. The majority of the others are striving to attain professional status.

To learn more, please see: Mission Statement  |  History of the Portrait Society of Atlanta