Features: A Drawing is not a Lesser Thing

By Folio Staff A drawing is not a lesser thing, a drawing can be so complete in itself as a drawing, it doesn’t need paint.  Even though An Aspen has been Utah for almost … Read More

Workshop – Jon deMartin, Methods & Materials of the Baroque & 18th Century. September 27-29, 2021

NEW DATE: September 27-29, 2021 ONLINE: via Zoom FOCUS: Portrait Drawing—Methods & Materials of the Baroque & 18th Century In this three-day workshop we’ll be concentrating on drawing the portrait in the mediums and techniques … Read More

Features: Drawing on the Masters

By Luana Luconi Winner Giorgio Vasari said in the 1500’s, “Drawing is the necessary beginning of everything, and not having it, one has nothing.” Drawing is language. A drawing is universally understood, regardless of … Read More

Features: A Master of Portrayal—An Interview with Jon deMartin

By Amanda D. Mattison Jon deMartin is a storyteller. Whether his affinity for the narrative emerged out of his natural propensity toward image-making as a child or his focused study as a film student … Read More