Photo from opening night at the LONA Gallery
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Insights from the Juror, Michael Shane Neal.

The Portrait Society of Atlanta opened its Winter Portrait Exhibition at the LONA Gallery in Lawrenceville, Georgia on January 3rd, 2015.  The fine art portraits in this juried show were selected by internationally-acclaimed portrait artist, Michael Shane Neal. Mr. Neal’s method for selecting the finalists and awards was detailed in a letter to the exhibitions team. The following excerpt not only provides helpful insights into his selection process, but is also valuable information for any artist.

“As a long time student of Ray Kinstler, I have always approached judging my own work and the work of others by three things he taught me years ago.

First, the artists IMAGINATION. What creative and interesting way has the artist interpreted their subjects through pose, composition, design, setting, expression, etc.

Secondly, FEELING. How well does the artist express their reaction to their subjects, their sensitivity, their emotional connection, etc.

Lastly, the artists ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE. How successfully has the artist employed craft and technique to communicate what they intend for the viewer.”

Neal also expressed how he enjoyed seeing the many fine examples of portraiture, which made his decision very difficult.

See the Winter Exhibition here.