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Life Studio Weekends / Members Only

Members Only Life Studio Weekends. What’s this about?

Working from life, whether it’s figurative or still life, is the best way to improve your artwork and find your own style. But most of us seldom have the opportunity to work from life for more than a few hours at a time. These weekends are an opportunity for members to settle in and work from life—at their own pace, in their own style. This is self-directed study, there is no instruction, but there is a studio moderator / model facilitator. You can sign up to attend for either one day or two days. The only fee is a model contribution (per day). As an open studio, work at your pace. Whether that’s two or three hours, all day, or all day both days.

Studio Fee: $20 per day. Sign up for one or both days. Maximum attendees: 14. 

Equipment: PSA provides height adjustable supply tables/taborets and chairs; bring a portable easel and your art supplies. If not available, PSA has eight lightweight portable easels for use on a first come basis. To reserve one, email info@portraitsocietyofatlanta.org.  

Art Supplies: Pack it in / pack it out. Leave your space clean at the end of the day.  

Studio Etiquette: The studio moderator is designated to select and direct the models. While this volunteer may ask for participants input, the moderator is in charge of the studio and the models. 

Studio Moderator / Model Facilitator Volunteer: Chad Awalt

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