The Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 
meeting featured a presentation by Mary Villon de Benveniste.

Mary Villon de Benveniste has built her reputation as a portrait artist on both sides of the Atlantic. As a child she was fascinated by colors and paints, and growing up, loved drawing her siblings and pets—cats, dogs and horses.Mary uses a filtering technique—“I don’t paint what I see, I abstract what I like.” She sees herself as a conduit for the images that emerge and the abstract elements of composition, shapes, lines, and textures create portraits that are both realistic, emotive, and beautiful.

When not painting, Mary Villon de Benveniste enjoys life with her husband, Peter Hollings in their two hundred-year-old plantation home, Whispering Oaks, near South Carolina. For more information:

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Photos by Vinod Sharma