September Meeting and Program

We are excited to announce that Elena Burykina will be presenting a demonstration at the September 2022 program.


This demo is designed to guide the students toward creating a painting from a photo reference and show students how to use the photograph to create a painting that surpasses the look of the photograph, instead of simply imitating a photograph.

The painting process will focus on deliberate brush strokes and maintaining accurate color relationships rather than rendering, and the application of paint to describe the form. Deciding what information is useful to look, for and what to avoid when interpreting a photograph. When and how to invent, experiment, and simplify will be discussed. Methods of Glazing and Scumbling will be discussed.

– View preparation of photo-references
– Transfer the photo reference/sketch on the surface
– Draw as a continuing process of exploring a subject
– Premix colors
– Develop elements of the portrait (face, hair will be covered)
– Move, stretch, and scratch paint on the surface with brushes and different tools such as pallet knife and/or squeegee.
– Use a photo-reference as a guide

About the artist:

Elena Burykina is a portrait and figurative artist living in Chattanooga, TN. Elena always wanted to be an artist. As a child in Ukraine, she received a classical art education which she used for over a decade as an architect. It was an applied form of her desire to create art. Elena moved away from architecture into teaching art to children and painting when she could, and finally she was able to focus all her time being an artist and learning. She tries to use every opportunity to learn anything new – new tools, mediums, techniques – anything new at all.

She moved to America in 2013 and turned her full attention to painting. Elena’s favorite subjects to paint are people with their personalities, moods, thoughts, and favorite things. “I really like to explore the personalities of my models through building the structure of portraiture with oil paint and paintbrush.” Her current focus is portraiture. She seeks a connection with the model that she can translate to the surface.

Her work has won numerous awards and been featured in many publications.

To view more of her work, visit her website here:



Sep 20 2022


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


North Shallowford Annex
4470 N Shallowford Rd Atlanta GA 30338

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