Thursday, March 25, 2021 Zoom Meeting with Chris diDomizio

Thursday, March 25, 2021 – Zoom Meeting with Chris diDomizio, 7 pm – 9 pm

Chris diDomizio will be our guest at the March 25th meeting. Chris will discuss a series of paintings of former President Jimmy Carter as shown above that he is currently working on. He will also be discussing how John S. Sargent and Art Mapping changed his portrait painting. The purpose of portrait painting is something he discovered during a period of time when he stopped taking portrait commissions for twenty-five years. He had a lot of questions and problems to solve so he researched Sargent, the old masters, color theories, the art academies, and their drawing and painting methods. During this time he discovered things which set each of these artist apart.

Sargent’s teacher Carlos Duran’s statement “in art everything that is not indispensable is harmful”. Chris started taking commissions again with the process of Art Mapping and Duran’s quote, he finally understood to only use the art tools which told the story and not use everything he knew.

In this talk he will share the genius of how Sargent chose to convey only what the painting was about and why he made choices that were so different in each of his paintings.

  • For me the problem and the answer is to find the core of what is attracting us to the image we are drawing/painting, etc. What I discovered is that each art tool has the ability to evoke a certain message therefore only using what is needed to convey our message, leaving out what is dispensable.

Art Mapping helps the client and Chris to discover the desire for the commission. Specific art tools are then chosen to deliver that message.

Chris diDomizio
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Apr 23 2024


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